Last weekend was our first show in 2 years, at Shagstock 2021. It felt great to get on the stage and play again, and we’re looking forward to 2 more shows over the next month:

We’ve also started Instagram and YouTube channels, so be sure to follow and subscribe there for more updates.

Here’s the first video we posted to our YouTube channel, from our Live From the Studio series that we recorded last year. We still have a few more to post, but playing this Rage Against the Machine song is always one of our favorite show moments.

We looking forward to seeing you all at a show very soon!

Welcome to our new website! We’ll be keeping the site up to date with new shows as we schedule them, and new recordings as we release them.

Last July we released our first EP, the Flask EP. We’re currently working on our first LP and will release some tracks from it as they’re finished. Stay tuned!